Knauf Insulation

knauf-insulationWhich is given that its natural brown colour signifies a degree of sustainability we’ve got by no means just just before achieved, despite the fact that knauf Insulation with ECOSE® Technologies will not look like each and every insulation you’ve got at any time observed. To produce the following era of sustainable insulation, we blended, even though Knauf Insulation Steel Producing Insulation with ECOSE® Technologies will not look like every insulation you’ve got at any time observed:

  • Sand, a single of numerous world’s most plentiful and renewable sources
  • Bare bare minimum 40% post-consumer recycled bottle glass and ECOSE® Technologies
  • The natural brown colour arises from ECOSE® Technologies, a groundbreaking, far more sustainable binder.

Patented technologies born from 5 numerous several years of intensive enhancement and examination. Based on swiftly renewable bio-based elements rather than non-renewable petroleum-based chemical compounds typically utilized in normal fibre glass insulation things. Is not going to contain phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or synthetic shades. Decreases binder embodied electrical power by as much as 70%, and throughout the world warming Potential (GWP) and complete MBI embodied electrical power by an predicted 4% to decrease our carbon footprint. Converts natural, swiftly renewable natural and normal provides proper right into a entirely inert polymer for outstanding environmental sustainability. Knauf Steel Producing Insulation with ECOSE® Technologies gives:

Improved sustainability:

  • Helps make utilization of renewable and plentiful sources.
  • Contains an industry-leading proportion of post-consumer recycled glass.
  • Replaces non-renewable sources with renewable varieties.
  • Based on swiftly renewable bio-based elements.
  • Removes non-renewable petroleum-based chemical compounds, like phenol and formaldehyde.
  • Decreases binder embodied electrical power.
  • Contains no synthetic shades.
  • Similar Outstanding Features
  • The similar dealing with and effectiveness you’ve got look to rely on, now with improved sustainability.
  • Thermally Successful
  • Exceptional insulating well worth for far better temperature manage, electrical power conservation and lowered working costs.
  • Acoustical Barrier
  • Lowers airborne audio transmission considerably improving STC rankings of wall configurations.
  • Visually Ideal
  • When utilized side-by-side with normal “yellow” fibre glass insulation making use of the similar heading by way of, there is certainly no observed distinction.
  • Hard and Tough
  • Withstands dealing with within the abuse and shop throughout the jobsite.
  • Controls Condensation
  • Fireplace Resistant and Non-Corrosive

Knauf Steel Producing Insulation with new ECOSE® Technologies gives the similar remarkable sturdiness, dealing with and premium quality our shoppers have expand to get accustomed to, getting a greater level of sustainability. In creating ECOSE® Technologies, Knauf’s renowned remedy dealing with and fabrication attributes have already been an full prerequisite.

Knauf insulation has outstanding regularity all by means of the roll, from bundle to bundle. Knauf MBI with ECOSE Technologies:

  • recovers swiftly
  • is gutsy
  • is easy to minimize
  • is substantially considerably less dusty
  • feels softer
  • and functions a pleasurable all-natural scent
  • Application Specifics

Knauf insulation with ECOSE® Technologies is really a resilient, adaptable unfaced blanket insulation developed from inorganic fibres bonded by thermosetting resin. The blanket is proper for computer software of facings and it’s adequate tensile and bond vitality for standard dealing with with all the laminator and contractor. The blanket could also be utilized unfaced as more insulation to fill voids in roofs and wall of steel constructions.

When Knauf Insulation is confronted getting a proper vapour retarder, it might be placed in an exterior wall and roof surfaces of pre-engineered constructions. The remedy could possibly be utilized unfaced to fill voids in roof and walls cavities of pre-engineered constructions.

Sophisticated Details

  • Flooring Burning Attributes
  • Is not going to exceed twenty 5 Flame Unfold, fifty Smoke Developed when examined in accordance with ASTM E 84, NFPA-UL and 255 723.
  • Odor (ASTM C 1304)
  • No objectionable odor emission.
  • Consuming drinking water Vapor Sorption (ASTM C 1104)
  • A lot less than .2% by quantity or 5% by excess fat.
  • Corrosiveness (ASTM C 665)
  • Is not going to pace up corrosion on steel, copper or aluminum.
  • Resistance to Microbial Advancement (ASTM C 1338)
  • Is not going to industry microbial advancement.
  • Temperature Assortment (ASTM C 411)
  • The unfaced blanket just isn’t gonna deteriorate as much as 350ºF (177ºC).
  • Non combustibility (ASTM E 136)
  • Non flamable.
  • Purdue University Examination
  • Significant screening and in site effectiveness proves remedy developed with ECOSE™ Technologies is not going to draw in bugs or vermin.

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