Aerolite Insulation

think pink aerolite insulationAerolite insulation is a fiberglass product which saves money by reducing unwanted temperature gains or losses and will reduce the energy consumption needed to get the temperature back to where it is comfortable. Installing thermal insulation in houses or offices is important in order to maintain comfort for residents.

Are there any health risks?

There are absolutely no health risks involved with think pink aerolite insulation. The fiberglass product is bio-soluble. That means, should you ingest the material in any way, it will dissolve in body fluid. The world health organisation has given think pink aerolite a class 111 rating. This rating means that aerolite insulation is actually safer than most commonly used products today including pickled vegetables, coffee, diesel and petrol to name a few. If you are looking for eco-friendly insulation check out this page.

How much would it cost to insulate my house with aerolite?

Working out the cost of aerolite does depend on a few factors. Firstly, you will need to take into account the size of your home or building, which is worked out in m2. The cost to insulate will be reduced on a bigger sized home.
Secondly you will need to work out which climatic region you are in because each climatic region requires a certain thickness to be installed, which will obviously effect the price of aerolite. The thicker the material the higher the aerolite price per m2. So it might cost you a little more depending on your area, but the thicker the material, the better thermal and acoustic properties you will get out of the product.

aerolite insulationIs Think Pink Aerolite Cost Effective?

Of course it is! Aerolite provides a barrier between your roof and the inside of your home. If your home is not insulated properly, the heat build-up from within your roof slowly starts getting forced down onto your ceiling boards, which in turn starts to heat up the inside of your home. You will then need to run the air-conditioner in order to cool down your home, leading to high electricity bills.

Having fiberglass installed will reduce heat penetration by a massive 87% and depending on a few factors can bring the indoor temperature down by around 5°c. Not only does it maintain comfort in your home, but it will drastically reduce your power consumption in both summer and winter.

Aerolite Insulation and Seasonal Change

Install think pink ceiling insulation to compensate for season change without running up your electricity bill using heaters and air-cons all day. A different thickness of ceiling insulation needs to be installed in different areas, depending on the regional climate, but also factors like cost, budget and preference need to be taken into consideration. Aerolite insulation is asbestos free, has absolutely no health hazard and is environment friendly. Use ceiling insulation to save energy and save money. Retrofit think pink ceiling insulation is the easiest and most cost effective way of saving money and power consumption in your home. More than 80% of all homes do not have insulation that meets the requirements. Think pink aerolite insulation improves personal comfort in your home which is a major benefit. In addition to getting your home or office insulated, you can use whirlybirds to extract the heat out of your roof.

Does Think Pink Aerolite Insulation Burn?

Absolutely not! Aerolite insulation is 100% fire safe and cannot burn because it is made from fiberglass. It is the safest insulation you can buy and is not made from recycled paper which becomes highly flammable after a few months of being installed. In the event that a fire may occur, you want to be sure you have chosen proper non-combustible insulation that will not provide a source of fuel for flames. No Toxic fumes will be produced by think pink aerolite if a fire does occur which could potentially put your family at high risk while trying to evacuate.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Think Pink is a thermal and acoustic ceiling insulation that reduces the amount of energy required to have a comfortable living environment and it offers a payback in under 2 years with continued savings thereafter, by reducing your electricity bills. Think Pink also has exceptional sound absorption properties and excellent for sound proofing rooms or offices. Think Pink comes in a variety of different thickness’s for each climatic zone that complies with the requirements in the new SANS 10400-XA building laws.

Aerolite Insulation Made From Recycled Glass

Used for more than 70 years, think pink aerolite (glasswool) has proven itself a popular, eco-friendly and safe to use ceiling and wall insulation that is probably the most well tested and documented building insulation in the world. Think pink has an installed life of around 50 years. Glasswool insulation is manufactured from sand and up to 80% recycled glass. On average, the product contains 50% recycled glass.

Reasons to choose:

• Non-combustible. Think pink does not burn!
• Excellent acoustic and thermal properties
• Does not require any maintenance
• Lasts up to 50 years
• Reducing energy consumption and putting money back in your pocket
• It gives you lifelong energy savings
• Think Pink Aerolite Insulation is lightweight
• It is safe to apply and use
• SABS approved ceiling insulation
• Reduces heat penetration by up to 87%
• Guaranteed for 30 years
• Keeps the temperature in your home constant all year round
• Eco – Friendly
• Does not attract vermin

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